Podcast Episode

Episode 370, “Barbecue Time”

Written by Zach Logan

On this week’s episode of The One Piece Podcast we’re live from Dallas with Zach Logan, Ed, Steve YurkoJammer, Jose Argumedo and FUNimation Brand Manager for One Piece Josh Kocurek. This week we talk about what we did in Dallas, a special viewing we had, and Manga Chapter 787!

Screen Shot 2015-05-25 at 3.41.02 PMThe One Piece Podcast Goes to Dallas was made possible in part thanks to donations from viewers like you. Support us on Patreon to help us create more projects like this! The first episode of The One Piece Podcast Goes to Dallas comes out this July!

0:00:00 OPPDallas and The Poneglyph
0:40:20 Manga Recap: Chapter 787
1:22:21 To Be Continued

Check out the trailers for The One Piece Podcast Goes to Dallas (#OPPDallas) on our website. Here’s the first one:

We’ll see you on Thursday for a new episode of The One Piece Readthrough covering Volumes 7 through 12! We will have guests The Dude and Miles Thomas from Crunchyroll on the show!

We want to apologize for rain/wind/thunder noises as this was recorded as a tornado was in the area. The episode is still very much listenable, and it’s one of the few that are live-recorded. We are MAJI!

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