One Piece x Kyoto Collaboration Begins October 7

Written by kellyg

On September 7, a press conference was held in Kyoto City Hall to announce the latest event in the continuing One Piece 20th Anniversary celebration. Weekly Shonen Jump editor-in-chief Hiroyuki Nakano and editor Taku Sugita, joined Kyoto mayor Daisaku Kanagawa to unveil the “One Piece 20th x KYOTO Kyoto Straw Hat Travel Journal: Country of Wano” campaign. This sixteen day event will take place from October 7th through October 22 and will include a variety of activities in Kyoto giving visitors a chance to see many historic sites and get “a feel for the country of Wano“.

A brand new illustration drawn by Eiichiro Oda features six members of the Straw Hat Crew seated on the roof of an old-looking building. Standing behind the crew are two unidentified figures that have caused a lot of speculation among fans. The man and woman are most likely tied to the event and there have been a few references to a beast, a princess and the “oath of flowers”. More information will likely be available as October draws near. Perhaps one of the coolest parts of the drawing, is Oda’s version of a Nue yokaiOne of the oldest yokai recorded, it is said to be a spirit with the head of a monkey, the body of a tanuki, the tail of a snake, and the limbs of a tiger.


Kyoto City Hall will display the bounties of the Straw Hat Crew. An activity at this location will have visitors work with the Navy to “capture” the crew. Completing the task will result in a reward.



An exhibition entitled “One Piece Art NUE” will be held at Daikakuji Temple, the former palace of Emperor Saga. The temple will display One Piece artwork throughout the grounds.





A special “adventure rally” places members of the Straw Hat Crew at different locations around the city. Participants will visit various Kyoto attractions getting a feel for the city’s history and culture. The 20th Anniversary site lists eight different locations ranging from restaurants to temples. Each location will have a character stamp kiosk set up and those who collect all the stamps will likely receive some form of souvenir.





What do you think of this event? Do you think there are more announcements to come? Let us know what other events you’d like to see covered on the One Piece Podcast in the comments below!