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Fishman Island Arc’s English Dub Concludes in May

One Piece Season 9 Voyage 5
Written by Adil

One Piece season 9 voyage 5 will be available in retail stores on May 15. Concluding the English dub of the Fishman Island arc, it will contain the last eleven episodes from this season. Among special features, it includes a video commentary for episode 567 and a standard commentary for 571.

The list of episodes included in One Piece season 9 voyage 5 is as following:

  • 564: Back to Zero! Earnest Wishes for Luffy!
  • 565: Luffy’s All-Out Attack! Red Hawk Blasts!
  • 566: Coming To An End! The Final Decisive Battle Against Hordy!
  • 567: Stop, Noah! Desperate Elephant Gatling!
  • 568: To the Future! The Path to the Sun!
  • 569: The Secret Revealed! The Truth about the Ancient Weapon!
  • 570: The Straw Hats Stunned! The New Fleet Admiral of the Navy!
  • 571: She Loves Sweets! Big Mam of the Four Emperors!
  • 572: Many Problems Lie Ahead! A Trap Awaiting in the New World!
  • 573: Finally Time to Go! Goodbye, Fish-Man Island!
  • 574: To the New World! Heading for the Ultimate Sea!

One Piece Season 9 Voyage 5


Luffy struggles to save the island from a falling ship when unexpected saviors emerge from the deep to lend a hand—or rather, a fin. The rubber-man is losing blood at a deadly rate, and only someone worthy of joining his crew will break the blood-donating taboo. Putting the past behind them, the whole island comes together for a feast the pirates can’t refuse.

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SOURCE: Funimation