The Crew

The crew of the One Piece Podcast comes from across the world. Each member brings expertise of different subjects and have a background in the One Piece community as well as the animation and anime community. As well as the series regulars, we have and will feature special guests, recurring guests, and interviews with those who produce what One Piece fans crave…WE ARE MAJI

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The Podcast Crew

Zach Saicon 2Zach Logan – Host, Editor, and Founder – Zach began his career on the Internet as a website designer and creator in 1999. He created a series of Adult Swim multimedia and fansites culminating in the creation of Adult Swim Headquarters in 2005. He became an administrator and reporter for the esteemed animation website Toonzone in 2006. At Toonzone he wrote editorials, and helped moderate the forum. In 2009, Zach and Ed created The One Piece Podcast in an effort to give a voice to a small but vocal community. Zach is currently the host and editor of The One Piece Podcast and is the producer for all Maji Media podcasts. Zach has been a producer for 20 Minutes of BS and The Toriko Podcast, has co-hosted and co-founded Endless Schmaltz, the Fullmetal Podcast, The Toonami Podcast and Anime Fans Give Back charity events. Zach spends a good amount of his time recording the podcasts, editing them, and readying them for distribution and then actually publishing them and releasing them. During Zach’s free time, he is an attorney. (First Appearance in Episode 1) – Follow Zach on Twitter or on Tumblr.

Ed SaiconEd – Host, Announcer, Co-Founder – Ed is the co-host and co-founder of The One Piece Podcast and provides the voice for the podcast promotions. He has been an avid fan of One Piece since 2006 and he was the president of his university’s anime club. Along with Zach, Ed created The One Piece Podcast in 2009 in an effort to represent fans everywhere. Since then he has provided the voice to the various podcast promotions and was the host of The Fullmetal Podcast. During Ed’s free time, he is also an attorney. (First Appearance in Episode 1) – Follow Ed on Twitter.

Steve SaiconSteve Yurko – Co-Host – Steve has been an avid fan of One Piece since it came to America. Before joining the podcast he was the creator and voice of the acclaimed DubPiece parody videos. He currently serves as the Master of Ceremonies for our convention events and writer and voice behind many of scripted bits on the podcast. Steve has lent his artistic skills to The One Piece Podcast on many occasions, and frequently has a booth in artist alley at conventions around the country. Steve was also a co-host of The Fullmetal Podcast and was a co-host of the Toonami Faithful Podcast. When Steve is not podcasting, he is working as a storyboarder on series including Hot Streets and Legends of Chamberlain Heights as well as drawing. (First Appearance in Episode 13) – Follow Steve on Twitter, on Tumblr and visit his website.

Alex SaiconAlex “The Dude” Kazanas Co-Host – One of the founding administrators of Arlong Park and Arlong Park Forums, The Dude has been a major figure in the One Piece community for nearly a decade and has a vast amount of resources and knowledge. He provides the musical talent on the podcast by leading the way on producing our holiday specials and events. He currently provides his expertise to the new music segment “Zach and The Dude’s Dance Carnival.” The Dude is also a member of Super Art Fight and the Washington Improv Theater. (First Appearance in After Dark 3) – Follow The Dude on Twitter or on Tumblr.

Greg SaiconGreg Werner – Host of Greg no Gougai, Japan Correspondent, Senior Contributor – Greg has been an active member in the Dragonball and One Piece community for well over a decade. His c.v. includes the founding of the DBZ Info Site and his current website at Greg has been a strong voice of both opinion and news, and he reports to us directly from Japan every week. He reports live from events in Japan such as Jump Festa and brings it to the world. Greg brings us news and perspectives from One Piece’s homeland. In Japan, Greg has also been featured on the hit Japanese television show Hoko x Tate twice in a One Piece special event pitting the editors of One Piece against the editors. Greg was the only contestant to be featured in both appearances, and he won in his second appearance. In his free time, Greg writes for the monthly magazine V Jump published by Shueisha, writes his own column on the official, Eiichiro Oda-sanctioned and teaches English to elementary school students in Japan. (First Appearance in Episode 29) – Follow Greg on Twitter, on his website, on YouTube, or check out his biweekly column on

Stephen SaiconStephen Paul – Contributor, Translator, Very Special Guest – Stephen is a veteran professional translator who has worked on hit series like Vinland Saga, Durarara!!, Soul Eater, Yotsuba, and of course, One Piece. He has been responsible for VIZ’s One Piece manga since early 2012 and will probably never stop. On the podcast, he sheds light on little-known or otherwise unexplainable references behind the series, as well as in-depth background on translation choices. Don’t challenge him to wordplay unless you want a pun of bricks dropped on your head. (First appearance in Episode 112) – Follow Stephen on Twitter.

Jose SaiconJose Argumedo – Videographer, Video Editor, Contributor – Jose is the editor and former host of the Toonami Faithful Podcast. He has been editing audio and video since high school. He is a recent graduate from film school and now works professionally at the Cable News Network as a production assistant. He has done work prior to his time at CNN for ESPN, Atlantis, the Intrepid Museum, among others. He is technically proficient in all the main Non-Linear Editors used in the industry and has a basic knowledge of After Effects and Pro-Tools. Jose is the editor of all One Piece Podcast video productions and headed up production, post-production, and editing on “The One Piece Podcast in Japan.” (First Appearance in Episode 259) – Follow Jose on Twitter or on IMDb.

Dennis SaiconDennis “Ichnob” Magat – Contributor, Host of Pieces of Eight – Dennis is our resident cosplay and collectible expert. He knows everything there is to know about the cosplay community and is one of the heads of the Super Kaizoku Cosplay group. He is also one of the foremost experts in the field of One Piece collectibles ranging from volumes and books to figurines and Portrait of Pirate figures. He also hosts his own podcast, “The Super Kaizoku Podcast” (First Appearance in Episode 90) – Follow Dennis on Twitter

Sam SaiconSam Leach Anime Recap Host – Sam is the host of The One Piece Podcast “Anime Recap” segment and has been a contributor for our website since writing his “Sam’s Piece” editorial. He continues to write One Piece editorials for The One Piece Podcast and anime episode reviews for Anime News Network for One Piece, Dragon Ball Super and more. . Follow Sam on Twitter.

Jill SaiconJill Knight – Contributor, Editorial Writer – Jill is a long-time, active One Piece fan and has been immersed in the cosplay and fan community for some time. As a writer and podcast contributor, Jill’s columns often focus on a fan’s perspective of the series and its receptiveness in the anime community. Follow Jill on Twitter.

Tatum SaiconJ. Michael Tatum – English Dub Correspondent, Old English Translator  – Mr. Tatum is a professional voice actor for FUNimation Entertaiment in Dallas, Texas. He has voiced Dalton, Eneru, Pearl, and Marney the Marine in One Piece. He is known for using big words with great enthusiasm. He was also the host of his own podcast, That Anime Show with his co-host Terri Doty (First Appearance in Episode 65) – Follow J. Michel Tatum on Twitter.

The Website Crew

Kelly Gilbride – Editor In Chief – A long-time fan, Kelly is the third Editor-in-Chief for The One Piece Podcast website. Prior to her current role, Kelly was the merchandise reporter and wrote about the wide variety of One Piece merchandise available. She travels to Japan often to attend One Piece-related events and add to her ever growing collection. – Follow Kelly on Twitter

Jammer SaiconJoseph “Jammer” Medina – Senior Podcast Contributor/News Department Editor-in-Chief – Jammer has been running his own podcast since 2010 and is currently host of The AniManga Podcast. Jammer has played a crucial role as the editor and host of the podcast during Zach’s absences and also headed the infamous West Coast One Piece Podcast crew.  Jammer also doubles as a freelance writer, creating his own fiction work as well as trending news for the Latin Review Media.  You can find all his podcasting and writing work at, and check out his column Stop! Jammer Time! on the podcast website. (First Appearance in Episode 106) – Follow Jammer on Twitter

William SaiconWilliam – News Chief – William has led the One Piece news department since its inception in late 2013. William has lived abroad in Japan for years and is deeply immersed in the manga industry. He frequently covers breaking news and manga-related news straight from Japan. He has also appeared in the hit documentary “The One Piece Podcast Goes to Japan” and has frequently appeared on The One Piece Podcast. – Follow William on Twitter

Allison SaiconAlison Sasagawa – Japan News Reporter -Freelance illustrator and comic artist, Japanese-English translator, and our Japan News Correspondent. – Follow Alison on Twitter

Adil SaiconAdil Khan – Anime Reporter – Adil joined the news team in January 2014 as one of the first One Piece Podcast news recruits. He focuses his coverage on English and international releases and upcoming anime news. – Follow Adil on Twitter

Chao SaiconChao – Editorial Writer, “Chao Time” – Chao is a relatively recent fan of One Piece, having only started the series more than two years ago, and joined the One Piece Podcast in December 2014. He is the writer of Chao Time, an editorial that focuses on etymology, historical and cultural references, as well as the sciences in the series.– Follow Chao on Twitter

Kyle Saicon

Frequent Podcast Guests

Josh SaiconJosh Kocurek – Josh was the brand manager for One Piece for FUNimation Entertainment along with other properties like Dragonball ZSpace Dandy and many more. Josh has been a brand manager at FUNimation since 2011, starting as an assistant brand manager on One PieceHe has been a frequent guest on our show, and an ardent supporter of the series who continues to follow it as the manga releases. Follow Josh on Twitter.

Bryan SaiconBryan Newton – Bryan is the animation director for the hit Cartoon Network series Teen Titans Go and the hit Adult Swim series Rick and Morty from the minds of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon. Bryan has been a long-time One Piece fan and an active member of the community for many years. He is also a lifetime member of The Young Turks. You can follow him on DeviantArt and check out his One Piece art thereFollow Bryan on Twitter.

Matt SaiconMatt Cohen – Matt is a podcaster, screenwriter, comedian, and long-time fan of the Unluckies. Matt is the host/creator of Bagged & Boarded, the producer/engineer of Mohr Stories hosted by Jay Mohr, and the host/creator of The Wayback Pod and a long-time member of the SModcast Network. Matt is also the founder and president of Camel Toad Productions, his own production company. He also created his own comic, G.E.E.K. Matt is a fan of any animal creature in One Piece. Follow Matt on Twitter.

Joey SaiconJoey Weiser – Joey Weiser is the author of the Mermin graphic novel series from Oni Press. His comics have appeared in several anthologies including SpongeBob Comics, and the award-winning Flight series. His first graphic novel, The Ride Home, was published in 2007 by AdHouse Books. He is a graduate of the Savannah College of Art & Design and currently lives in Athens, Georgia with his wife Michele and their cats Eddie and Charles. Follow Joey on Twitter and on his website.

Sai SaiconSai Chan – Sai has been an active artist and member of the One Piece community for years. She has drawn art for Anime Fans Give Back to Japan, Arlong Park, The One Piece Podcast, and the Saicons for each member of the podcast.  Follow Sai on Twitter or on her Tumblr.

Doctor SaiconMichael “Doctor” Torres – Doctor has been a guest on the podcast since its inception in 2009. He is the co-creator and editor of the long-running SSAA Podcast, and the producer behind One Podcast Prevails and Just a Gintama Podcast. Follow Doctor on Twitter.

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